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LEON Fan Market Services

We manufacture a wide range of fans for commercial and industrial applications

LEON Fan Market is a reputable manufacturer of a wide range of fans, specializing in commercial and industrial applications. Founded by Fatemeh Gheydar in August 2015, with over 8 years of experience in Turkey, our company has consistently delivered high-quality solutions to our valued customers.

HVAC Fans for Commercial Buildings

We manufacture HVAC fans for commercial buildings. Our fans are designed to provide efficient and reliable performance, helping to maintain a comfortable environment for building occupants.

HVAC Fans for Industrial Applications

We manufacture HVAC fans for industrial applications. Our fans are designed to provide reliable performance in harsh environments, helping to maintain a safe and comfortable workplace for employees.

Custom Fan Design

We offer custom fan design services to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our team of experienced engineers will work with you to design a fan that meets your unique requirements.

Fan Installation and Maintenance Services

We offer fan installation and maintenance services to ensure that your fans are properly installed and maintained for optimal performance and longevity.

Energy Efficient Fan Solutions

We offer energy efficient fan solutions to help our customers reduce their energy consumption and save on operating costs.

Fans for Cleanroom Applications

We manufacture fans for cleanroom applications, designed to meet the strict requirements of cleanroom environments.

Fans for Hazardous Locations

We manufacture fans for hazardous locations, designed to meet the strict safety requirements for these environments.

Fans for Agriculture Applications

We manufacture fans for agriculture applications, designed to provide effective ventilation for agricultural buildings and facilities.

Lyofan is amanufacturer and trader in all types of commercial and industrial fans
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